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RESTORATION was born for a need and for a purpose. Hope and Peace. The idea is simple: a rhythmic path to improve your inner mood; and to discover new states. Comunication is from soul 2 soul. We are instruments.
RESTORATION has gained a strong reputation as one of the last true Underground labels in the world. Its work avoid trends and fashions and aims to a canon and a tradition of Pure Soulful Techno music. Techno comes from House music, and the boundaries between genres are only categories. When music is an expression of the soul, it´s simply timeless. The analogue sound never lies, it´s the perfect symbiosis between men and machines.

MARIEU (Restoration/Sabotage rec.) and LUCRETIO (Mixworks / Restoration/Sabotage rec.) a.k.a. THE ANALOGUE COPS are the founder members of the RESTORATION assault unit, one of the last independent underground labels on the planet. They are true defenders of vinyls and the worst enemies of digital downloads; from 3 years they have been resisting in Berlin, where with there 9 releases had already imposed their message made of pure analogue Techno. Techno that comes from Chicago House music, from Larry Levan´s disco, from George Clinton´s funk, from Miles Davis´s jazz; in a few words, uptempo danceable R&B music.

They have 11 releases out on 12" on their own label RESTORATION distributed exclusively by Diamond and Pearls Berlin. Lucretio´s track on RST006 appears now on TAMA SUMO´s Mix CD for Panorama Bar. In the spring of 2009 they started a collaboration with Steffi (OSTGUT TON / KLAKSON): the name of the project is THIRD SIDE and their full length "Nyx" E.P. (rst010) was higly acclaimed and quickly sold out.

The united forces of RESTORATION resist in Berlin, their label is a manifesto of their purposes: to provide to the dancefloors solid analagoue fat sounds not following the trends but always digging deep into their roots with the eyes on the future. RESTORATION is an anti-digital media corporation who fully believes which the only useful ammunitions for djs are VINYLS.

The artists releasing on the labels are the founders Marieu and Lucretio (both solo and as the Analogue Cops), Eduardo de la Calle (until rst007) and Third Side (the group formed by Lucretio, Marieu and Steffi).
Until now the label has released 11 Ep strongly played and supported by legendary Detroit artists, by most of the Berghain/Panorama residents and by many respected artists around the world.

The label celebrates its first label night last year in the Tresor bunker; this July, a second succesful label night was celebrated at the Panorama Bar.

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Restoration Resistance on my mind e.p. (ltd back in)


Resistance on my mind e.p. (ltd back in)

VÖ-Datum: 06.02.2008
Label: restoration
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