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Raubfisch Records



The Indie label Raubfisch Records based in 2006 from Mannheim (Germany) focused his mission on the production synthetic music. The mission of the label is to win a selected group of artists that already invested in themself and built up a fan-base. Through that they bring potential for a career and do not represent any One-Hit-Wonder. We turned it into our task of shaping our artists and their music to a product which is professionally looked after Raubfisch Records from the start until the sale of the finished product.

The fight of the label at the music market is gained or combined lost through the quality of our contract artists, with the ability of the label, to commercialize these artists correctly and too promoten.

Raubfisch Records strength is based on: "The positive and inexhaustible energy" and the "more than 20 years long professional experience in the music business".

The label forms together with Raubfisch Media a dynamic and creative duet. The label itself focuses on the music production and mastering. While Raubfisch Media takes over the task of the media organization and marketing. There for Raubfisch Records is able to give his artists all support out of one hand.