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Rat Records is the best second hand vinyl record shop in South London founded in 1988. The store buys and sells records and CD, having always a great, eclectic, changing selection of music at realistic prices.

Founded by expert vinyl dealer, collector and music nutcase Tom Fisher in a Oxford street market over 23 years ago, Rat Records has evolved into the best, most loved and acclaimed record shops in South London. Since 1988 Tom reckons they've sold just over 650,000 used records, shifted over 200,000 second hand CDs, stuck on 1,200,000 plus price stickers, driven over 300,000 miles, worn out the suspension of over 15 vehicles and discovered the only vinyl acetate of a collaboration between Mick Jagger and John Lennon.
Eclectic and informed buying policy,constant fresh stock and decent prices, that's few of the aspects that characterize Rat Records.

Tom is still on the case for our customers, an Indiana Jones with less good hair on the hunt for black gold in attics, warehouses, garages and anywhere he hears a rumour of vinyl records for sale. When hes not chasing down records, Tom hides in his remote Scottish lair with his family, quaffing Islay malts, listening to the Miles Davis band (electric period) and repairing his jukebox.

Rat Records was started after DJ Dee Kline formed his production relationship with producer Pixie (aka Donna Dee). The label has seen various collaborations between the artists, these include: Ben Leeny, Greg Flemming, Quest & Kalibre, The Beat Hustlers and MC's Lovestation, Hyper-Aktive and more. all joining putting together release with a new sound, a mixture between garage, hip-hop, dnb into something that sounds a little more link breaks.

Rat Records is one of those places that usually provides library-level quiet for serious contemplation of its eclectic mix of records: pop, rock, African music, reggae, blues and jazz records all prop up the walls.

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Mutantbreakz & SevenG I Believe / You Know

Mutantbreakz & SevenG

I Believe / You Know

VÖ-Datum: 06.03.2017
Label: rat records
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