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rag & bone



Rag & Bone represents the twisted breaks, electro, techno, BASS label from London, UK launched back in 2002.

Rag & Bone is co-run by long time DJ's Warlock & Noyeahno.

Their love of electronic music started independently with the birth of acid house and the early rave scene. With both being involved with pirate radio and playing at parties far and wide, it was inevitable that their paths would cross and their desire to pull these influences together to release forward thinking music led to the birth of Rag & bone.

The idea behind the label was to release music that was not being played elsewhere but stuff that had heavy bassline and a strong dancefloor rumble, since this time genres have moved on and Rag & Bone is probably best described as a breakstep/dubstep/electro label that doesn't really fit into any of those cliches.

The creation of the label led to many party nights where dj's/producers that we considered to be cutting edge would come to guest.

Artists with releases on Rag & Bone include Aaron Spectre, Kanji Kinetic, King Cannibal, Excision, Blackmass Plastics, Stagga, FZV, Drop the Lime and of course Noyeahno & Warlock.

Rag & Bone is for the connoisseur, or maybe just someone who loves to party .....the bassline will always rule the dancefloor!!!!