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Propeller Records



Propeller Records was started in December 2008 as a platform from which you will be able to follow the work of its founder and main artist – Mirzinho.

The label is dedicated to techno music, especially funky, hardgroove and tribal techno sound.
Selected music will have the “taste of the past” mixed up with some fresh ideas and new sounds which will definitely have an effect on dance floors.

Labels main format is vinyl, but, as we live in a digital era there is also a sub label Propeller DIGI dedicated both to new names and established artists.

Besides Mirzinho's originals, remixes or team work with Miche, you will be able to hear the original and remix works of other established techno artist.

As the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and the music lies in the hands of upcoming young producers. In that light one spot on the record is always kept for them.

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