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prologue music



Prologue is a independent international underground music label located in Germany and launched in 2008. The Munich-based label was founded by Tom Bonaty and Michael Kranawetter, Tom was also founder of Treibsand Recordings.

The most important characteristics of Prologue is atmospheric, deep and hypnotic. Anyway ... Prologue´s philosophy is open-minded with much passion and love of music and the strong desire to push unique electronic music.

The first release from Prologue Music was in 2008 and came from Dino Sabatini, a member of Modern Heads. Dino is a famous Italian producer and an important part of the electronic music scene in Italy around Donato Dozzy, Giorgio Gigli, Rossella, and the DJ shop Electronica Romana. The No More EP is an unbelievable electronic journey with deep sounds, based on a magic carpet of decent acid tunes enclosed by a perfect, smooth bass line and extraordinary percussion coverage.

Berlin-based DJ, producer and sound designer Dino Sabatini is responsible for providing the well-known Prologue sound aesthetic. Dino's productions always exactly deliver Prologue's vision of music; deep, hypnotic, atmospheric and mind-driven. This album is called Shaman's Path and it is more than just an album for all of us. Shaman's Path is his personal interpretation of the sounds of Africa, which has provided, for decades, the basis of trance. Lose your mind in Sabatini's sounds, drum arrangements and his personal interpretation of the Prologue sound aesthetic.

Prologue Music's back catalogue contains releases from artists such as: Dino Sabatini, Juho Kabilainen, Giorgio Gigli, Samuli Kemppi, Claudio PRC, Adam X, Mike Parker,Iori, Echologist, Milton Bradley, Abdulla Rashim, Fernandez Manetta, Cassegrain, Cio D'Or, amongst many others.