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Yo kid! Remember back in the day? The Underground was truly the Underground.
People weren't trying to make tracks. People were making songs.
No chart dropping. No RA. No MySpace. It was just straight Underground Pop writing.
Yo! Remember Techno Pop? What happened?
Andreas Dorau. Yo kid! What happened?
Hamburg, Parfüm . What happened?
Firm. Oh! They're still there.
Kompakt Pop, Cologne. What happened? Can somebody tell me?
Ladomat 2000. We all know what happened..

Console. What happened? Egoexpress . What happened?
Micromusic. What happened? Popacid. What happened?
Hans Nieswandt. What happened? Rework. What happened?
Scheinselbständig. What happened? Christopher Just. What happened?
Cologne, the Minimal Pop-House sound. You gotta be kidding. What happened?
Synth Pop. Come on, man. What's up?
Techno Pop. What the fuck happened?
It used to be so good...

POP! records is a division of brut! records

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.