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Poco Label



POCO is a new label born in Barcelona (Spain) and their creators are oscarFly and Zippitcher.
The aim of the label is to elegantly spread their work with a fine image.
POCO pretensions are to attract the audience with a sleek surround groove; that´s will always
carry a bit of surprise. Our main line style is techno.
POCO will be image of branding and design. Besides the musical producers, POCO counts on
their files with graphic artists, who love the label and will provide it with a really attractive look
and feel. And much more, as Web design, Merchandising and Video productions.
POCO is planning to release a well know artist remix really soon as a brilliant opening for our
label. And so, we will keep going until everybody including you, will recognize us.

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Oscarfly Cuernos Ep


Cuernos Ep

VÖ-Datum: 30.11.2009
Label: poco label
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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.