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Planet E Planet E Communications is an independent record label that started in 1991 in the motherland of techno, Detroit. The label, conquering the genre of electronic music, is the brainchild of legendary DJ, producer, and all around innovator Carl Craig. Evolving from Craig’s desire to have creative independence from the major label industry, Planet E would manage, in a short time, to become one of the most ground-breaking independent labels in the genre. When a number of independent techno camps entered a stage of dormancy, Planet E consistently released music that mutated the conventional arrangements of the genre. Planet E prides itself and has gained its burgeoning success by persistently experimenting with sound, expanding the genre of electronic music beyond the commonplace landscape it has traveled, altering the history of electronic music with fresh sounds from a totally different galaxy.

Planet E’s first release was titled “Four Jazz Funk Classics,” which Craig recorded under the moniker 69. This album set the standard for what was to follow in Planet E’s history. In addition, it set the stage for listeners to prepare themselves for the unique and undeniable sound the label would become synonymous with, a sort of “futuristic funk” that remains true to its techno roots, while redefining the genre as a whole. Initial releases on Planet E would mainly be Craig’s projects under a multitude of monikers, but would later evolve into being home to a myriad of electronic music’s most influential artists such as Kevin Saunderson, Moodymann, Kenny Larkin, and Recloose. Planet E is continually developing a roster of up-and-coming artists who only facilitate the label in remaining a pioneering force in the realm of music, with producers such as Martin Buttrich, Jona, Ican, Glimpse and many more.

In addition to remaining a staying power in the studio, Planet E artists regularly appear in clubs worldwide. Planet E has forged a reputation for being a vanguard and a leader in independent recording and producing with respect to the techno genre. It has forged an inimitable identity by presenting a wide array of futuristic electronic dancefloor driven music. In addition, Planet E has given birth to a sister label, Community Projects. Craig developed this label to present music that has always been a muse to him, everything from afro blues to space jazz to world music. Essentially, CP manages to expose listeners to music they wouldn’t expect coming from Detroit. This, unsurprisingly, coming from the mind of artist that has been continually focused on innovation. In the galaxy of electronic music, Planet E has managed to give birth to its own constellation of illuminating artists with unique perceptions and productions in the genre of techno.