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pic disc



Picture Disc represents the music label composed by the series of the publicum favorites rarieties that emerged between record label and art edition. In other words, it represents a series of picture-discs - that wonderful format - in which a picture in the form of a record rotated on the turnable. The label is a result of labor of love for the label lovers, where images and music are in dialog with each other.

Picture Discs date all the way back to the 1920s and were commercially available up to the early 1960s. They became more of a promotional tool as the seventies arrived, and were pressed in small quantities and some were released to the markets with as little as 100 pressings. Because of the limited quantities and unique shapes and pressings, picture discs are highly sought after by collectors.

As the 1980s rolled on the production of the picture disc was an important part of any artists release campaign.

With the arrival of the 90s and the demise of vinyl records, the production of picture discs was again relegated to promotional or limited issues. The picture disc has made somewhat of a comeback in the last few years and whether it's the latest Kylie single or that elusive Madonna collectible we have something for everyone right here in our specialist Picture Disc collector store!