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penetration nation



Penetration Nation represents the Slovenian driving techno label owned by Reaky & Mark Ankh launched in 2007.

*** Reaky: Considered by many as one of the most original and talented individuals on the underground electronic music scene, Reaky's unique style is often influenced by wide range of electronic as well as non-electronic genres. Deep and hypnotic, while tough, driving and energetic at the same time is his core essence that has remained unchanged since the beginning of his electronic music creations in 1999.

The Slovenian's productions have appeared on some of the biggest trance and techno labels with more than 30 vinyl releases, 100 digital releases as well as on many world-renowned CD compilations and radio shows. Reaky's high quality musical output gained him the support and respect from many great artists, landing him gigs at clubs and festivals all over Europe as well as across the ocean where his energetic, diverse and never disappointing live-performances are causing his worldwide fan base to grow bigger and bigger.

The year 2007 came and after 8 years of producing Reaky was finally satisfied with the sound quality of most of his newest tracks, so releases started coming out more often. He also established his own label »Penetration Nation Records« together with his friend, dj & producer Mark Ankh.

By the end of the year 2008 Reaky has already released his driving techno tracks and remixes on labels like Penetration Nation, Omega Audio, Yin Yang, Insane Life, Analog Mode, Propulsion, Standbite Music, Emphatic, Soul Access, DJ Special Needs, Ambig, Sound Evolution, Drakos, Techment, Keep On Techno, Invalid Error, TMM...