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paradise lost



Paradise Lost Recordings was started in 2008 with the scope of releasing quality deep and dark dubstep tracks from a variety of both established and new artists. The label is run by American/Italian Dubstep producers The SubDivision (Geo and Moody G) and Rob Robotic from Berlin's Freak Camp.

The SubDivision is a production duo consisting of Geo from Milan, Italy and G from the USA. They have been producing for several years. G comes from a DJing background in Drum and Bass and has influences ranging from folk to industrial, trip hop to progressive metal. Geo began producing hardcore on hardware as well as ambient. They have been working together since 2007.

Rob Robotic is the co-runner of Paradise Lost Recordings and Tsunami Audio, two electronic music labels catering to many things dubstep, dnb, techno and house. He is a music lover for as long as he can remember, started making 'demo music' on the pc in the early 90s (as Sybaris of TiME and on pioneer netlabel Ultrabeat), graduated to DJing and orchestrating parties in the northwest U.S. by about 1996. ... fast forward 10 years of partying, DJing, music production and event promotion (but mostly partying), he was doing the first regular dubstep events in Berlin as part of Freak Camp Crew from 2005 to 2010. These days hes busy running and promoting the two labels, maintaining residencies and regular DJ appearances at some of Berlin's finest clubs.

Paradise Lost has developed in the last years an impressive back catalogue with releases and collaborations with acts like: The Subdivision, Rob, Wedge, Parson, Vesicle, Kaskaad, Excision, Dubtek, TKR, Chewie, Boot, Bisweed, and new others to join in the future.