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organic music



Organic is a concept that saw daylight late 2007 and was vreated by Nicolas Lejeamtel, Marco Dorn, Lena Brumby, George Sikharulidze and Alvaro Muñoz. The project at the time was about creating daytime afterparties in outdoor locations and getting music lovers together in peaceful places close to the nature.
After a few years the idea of respecting our musical and natural roots still stands strong. The project has grown into a collective of DJs, producers and a Label.

Organic-Music is all about releasing music full of feelings and emotions, from deep-house to more pick time house and tech house tracks... with much Love !!

Artists on this label : Aldo Brionne, Doubting Thomas, Soulcamp, Slz, Salva Ballesteros, Hinode, Aspec, Kolijah, Medu, Chasing Kurt, CUbenx, Sikha, Alvaro Munoz, Duster, Pierro and many many other ones.