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opilec music



Opilec (1917) is a story by Josef Capek, a writer and cubist painter, brother of Karel Capek, the man who is supposed to invent the term "robot" that originally meant "servant". From this important etymology, that truly inspired all Isaac Asimov literature, comes Opilec Music by Gianluca Pandullo's fervent mind.

Opilec Music is a label project deeply built on all Asimov way of thinking about how technology is not an enemy of human genre but a help and a real and useful extension of our mind. The robot is our friend and the music too. Opilec Music feels contaminated by old school Chicago House & Detroit Techno and early 80's Italo Electro Cosmic Disco, musical genres that differentely as strongly have conditioned the history and world dance conception.

Gianluca Pandullo, better known as I-ROBOTS, after having determinated himself the trend of contemporary club scene with his countless works for boys noize Records, Irma, Relish, Rotary Cocktail, LUCY Lee Quality Rec, Ornaments Music and after been played and supported by artists as X-Press 2, Tiefshwarz, carl craig, Sven Vath, Luke Vibert, headman, Trevor Jakson, Daniele Baldelli, Felix Da Housecat, Joey Negro, Dimitri from Paris, dj hell and been on Ivan Smagghe's and Rub and Tug's Fabric, Fred Deakin's Nu balearica by Ministry Of Sound, remixed by prins thomas on Relish Records and various co-operations and features (cfr. " I-ROBOTS BIOGRAPHY) he decided to make your own project and label called OPILEC MUSIC.

Opilec Music starts presenting a project of three singles based on the Asimov's “Laws of Robotics”. Three E.P.'s featuring I-Robots historical co-operators as Und, Tuscania, Marconi, and his pen name Nemesi, showing how philosophy in club music still matters (cfr. "INTRODUCING LAWS OF ROBOTICS").