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OnGravity records



OnGravity Records represents the Stuttgart independent music label launched fresh in 2013.

The first releases on the german imprint came from Mara TK with the album ‘’Taniwhunk Ep’’. Intrepid Kiwi music-maker Mara TK cooks up a soulful, free-spirited two-track EP, Taniwhunk, with deeply magnetic results. Here is as authentic a listen as you are likely to get all year, experimental, challenging, enriching music without polished edge or tiresome brand -building edifice. Taniwhunk is 21st century Maori music - music with something to say ... everything to say.

The next release on OnGravity Records is the LP from Christoph El Truento, ‘’What We Used To Know’’. Christoph El Truentos debut album, what we used to know, is born of change and confusion, and sounds utterly incredible for it. The deeply talented 24-year-old New Zealander started writing back in 2011 at the time his son was born. Tired fatherhood, personal upheaval and artistic indecision would actually help show Christoph a clear path towards completing the record – a transcendant sweep of synths, samples, organic instrumentation and window ledge field recording that gently reveals new layers of sonic texture and emotion to the listener.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.