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One Way Records



Publishing House OneWay was created as a sub-label of UNT Corporation.

diverse artists are attracted to each label's slight variation in musical direction, thus easily finding a home for their particular musical style.

UNT majors on minimal, tech-house and a techno rolling sound, while OneWay adds a more progressive, subtle electro-techno flavour. The labels are united, however, in one common goal - to bond great, professional music from new, young talent with highly talented producers from the music world.

The stated aim of those behind OneWay is to provide opportunities for remixes from well-known names in the international music business.

The strongly passionate managers running the label have a long track record in production, dj-ing and in event promotion management. They have the links with top producers and remixers to build a successful business with their artists.

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Various Artists Chillout Vibes (Summer 2015)

Various Artists

Chillout Vibes (Summer 2015)

Release date: 01.05.2015
Label: one way records

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