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NorthCore Productions



We start at 2000 with Liquidbeat alias Malte and Toxica alias Stefan.The name NorthCoreProject comes from: north because we live in the north of germany, core is an idea from pulsedrivers "Trancecore" and finally project because we are two producers. From now on it was our aim to produce Hands Up and Hardstyle.
We produced and produce our songs in Flensburg and Hamburg. In our musicsessions we want to find a great sound to produce good songs. If we have no time, we mail our songs to the other one.
In the last years we produced more than 40 tracks. And it will never stop ;)
Since 2005 we have a new member, called Dj Kyle. He supports us in the discos and in producing of some of our new tracks.
We worked as Dj´s on some events like the G-Move or events in different discos, like the New Bambu in Neustadt i. H. .
So if you are interested in our music, watch our page from time to time or talk to us in the ICQ.

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