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Nia Records represents the New York based music label started in 1980 by twins Taharqa and Tunde Ra Aleem with their own release "Hooked On Your Love".

The Twins and Leroy Burgess would feature on the majority of releases up until its demise in 1986.

Straight out of NYC, Nia released some essential old school electro back in the day. Best known for Captian Rock and Marley Marl's outstanding production skills. Distressed print for a vintage look.

Nia Records includes in its back catalogue releases from a variety of artists such as: Aleem, Caprice, Alias, Lonnie Love, The Fantastic Aleems, Captain Rock, High Frequency, Leroy Burgess, TSOB Crew, Billy Jones, Sparky D, Super Kids, Supreme Force, The Ecko, Double Image, amongst several others.