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nekrolog1k recordings



Nekrolog1k Recordings represents the label run by the AK-Industry crew (Dj Homeboy and Dj Mayhem). from Switzerland and brings you the hardest and finest Harddrum'N'Bass and new Industrial Hardcore shit.

From the suburbs of Italy to the Swiss ghettos, breakcore, industrial and drum n bass sounds are shooted from the best necrophiliac ‘s heavyweights. djs and producers with machine guns through all over the world......to kill the shit you listen day after day, to delete the concept you have about music, to create a new era of breaks destruction.
Prepare your brain to the next level of the Techno, Hardcore DnB, Nekrolog1k is coming, and is coming FAST, HARD and BRUTAL !

The first Nekrolog1k Recordings EP is here, brought to your by the AK Industry crew from Switzerland. The first E.P. contains a heavy drum & bass/breakcore/hardcore crossovers by DJ Hidden, I:GOR, Throttler & Igneon System. A great fresh EP!

AK-Industry aka Homeboy (Santos David) and DJ Mayhem (Richard Allaman) owners of Nekrolog1k Recordings & AK-Industry Events, are Industrial Hardcore producers from Portugal.

They started to work together in Switzerland back in 2006. Combining Industrial Hardcore and Hard Drum and Bass skillz, they released their first collaboration remixing I:GOR’s GangBang tune for his last album on Strike Records, “The Art of Distortion

In 2008, they started to spread their own sound print around Main Hardcore events across Europe like, Q-Base, Defqon1, Dominator, Army of Hardcore, Musick, Prspct XL or Club R_AW and various festivals. They’ve been also released on many labels like Industrial Strength (USA), The Thirdmovement(NL) Ad Noiseam (DE) … and of course Nekrolog1k (BE) and Agnost1k Recordings (BE).

They’re working on new collaborations with artists like Mindustries, Lowroller, Bryan Fury, Forbidden Society, Switch Technique, Delta9 & Fiend, Deathmachine and others with brand new bombs coming soon.

Sublabels: Agnost1k Recordings, Ego1st Recordings, Lowbreed Recordings.

Nekrolog1k Recordings’s back catalogue includes collaborations with acts like: Igneon System, The Teknoist, I:Gor, AK-Industry, Brainpain, Lowroller, eRRe, Air J, Homeboy, Strobcore, Detest, Triamer, amongst many others.

2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.    

2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.