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National Techno



National Techno is a community incorporating people working in the club scene. We create a new universal platform for musicians, club promoters and their audience.
For musicians National Techno provides professional support in studio work, copyright matters, promotion and gigs arrangement. For promoters we provide booking and advisory services. We organize regular club events in various Russian cities and provide music fans with up-to-date information about all our activities via internet and mass media. We make regular internet and CD-releases and host a special radio show in Moscow and several regions of Russia.
«National» does not mean that we are targeting only on local market. There are no borders for music, therefore we have built a basis for cooperation with foreign labels. National Techno acts like a filter selecting all the best from the Russian electronic scene.
The National Techno community is open for everyone. Out artist roster includes stars of modern electronic scene as well as young promising artists from all over the country. The quality of musical material and up-to-date sound are our basic selection criteria.
At the moment our community incorporates MySpaceRocket, D-Pulse, B-Voice & KHz, Bip Soup, Andriesh and Casual Undeground, the artists already well-known in and outside Russia. Continuous search for new artists and their further promotion are among our key activities.