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naked lunch



Naked Lunch represents the underground quality techno music label from Portugal.bThe project was created by A.Paul in 2005, with the purpose of releasing quality techno music in all of its styles. A.Paul is today one of the key players of the electronic music scene on a worldwide scale, both as a DJ and as a Producer. His taste, technique and originality made him earn the respect from his peers and most of all the love and devotion from his fans.

In 2001 he opened Genesis record shop, but it would be a few years later that he created his most successful project to date, Naked Lunch Records which is one of the quality techno labels in the world at the moment. He is also co-owner of MPC Vinyl Distribution, with his long time friends Cisco Ferreira (The Advent) and Michaelangelo, where he also released on his other sister labels The Light, Parallel 125, Dirty Ego, LK and Xtractz.

Naked Lunch Records work with some of the best techno producers in the world, and we also give constant support to the next generation of talent. The label unify those with passion and creativity forming one big techno family.

Naked Lunch today, has become one of the most respected techno labels in the scene, renowned for sticking to its roots and designed for true techno enthusiasts. Enjoy !

Sub-labels include: PARALLEL 125 / ONH.CET / DIRTY EGO.

Naked Lunch Records has developed in time an amazing artists roster with acts such as: TRG, Intra:Mental, Juswan, Scuba, Stringray313, Boddika, Kevin McPhee, Jon Convex, Trevino, and many others.

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Stingray313 Armchair Psychiatrist


Armchair Psychiatrist

VÖ-Datum: 30.09.2014
Label: naked lunch
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Horacio Cruz Compater Ep

Horacio Cruz

Compater Ep

VÖ-Datum: 15.04.2014
Label: naked lunch
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