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my best friend limited



my best friend limited:

The brother of MBF, MBF LTD is an outlet for crazy mutant disco with groundbreaking releases by Cosmic Sandwich and Break 3000 and a label for experimentation with styles in general.?MBF LTD is unpredictable and non-commercial.The track „Cosmic Sandwich“ was one of the big achievements in the history of the label. Being played to death by DJs buying second copies, from Ricardo Villalobos to the American house community in San Francisco that have been supporting early MBF LTD releases.Recently MBF LTD has become home for Riley Reinhold's (aka Triple R) own music, it has put forward a cine-edition thinking, working very much with sounds from the 70ies to create a special less focussed „heavy“ atmospheric feeling . ?"Lights In My Eyes" released in May 2007 created a stir with its atmospheric chords and dubby bassline and was picked up by UK artist Bushwacka aka Matthew Benjamin and was remixed by Dominik Eulberg and Patrice Bäumel.Also recently a real house record made it's way onto the label with Cologne duo Scott twisting the drums and playing their Rhodes in a unique style!Future releases will feature deep music by long time friend and Trapez artist Patrice Bäumel and Riley Reinhold

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emil berliner unexpected ep

emil berliner

unexpected ep

VÖ-Datum: 06.09.2013
Label: my best friend limited
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