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Mute Records



Mute Records is a british record label founded in 1978 by Daniel Miller, and since then has signed and developed some of the worlds most influential recording artists including Goldfrapp, Liars, moby, M83, Erasure, depeche mode, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Laibach, Yeasayer and Richard Hawley and become home to a crop of emerging talent and recent signings such as Cold Specks, Polly Scattergood, Big Deal, Beth Jeans Houghton, Josh T. Pearson and Apparat. While maintaining a firmly eclectic roster, from the earliest days of The Normal, Fad Gadget and DAF through to the techno era with artists such as Plastikman / Richie Hawtin and Speedy J, and to the present day with hybrid electronic artists such as Yeasayer and S.C.U.M, the label has always been a champion of electronic music.

Mute (also known as Mute Records) releases various forms of music, with an emphasis on electronic and experimental pop. In May 2002, the label was acquired by the EMI Group. In 2010 Miller did an agreement with EMI to handle Mute as a semi-independent label again. Therefore he licences the Mute brand from EMI via his company Mute Artists Ltd. although some branded Mute artists remain with EMI. Branch offices exist in Germany (Mute Tonträger) and in North America (Mute Corporation).

Mute has spawned many regional and special-interest sublabels, some of which are still active. One offshoot, Parallel Series, even became independent of Mute Records Ltd. Mute also operates Mute Bank Mail Order, which sells the label's merchandise directly to consumers. Mute Bank published two issues of Mute Statement, a softcover book that details the entire discography of the label and includes band profiles and photos of release artwork. Another label strongly associated with Mute is Toast Hawaii, run by Depeche Mode's Andrew Fletcher.

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