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Musikpropaganda Label And Booking



Musikpropaganda label & Booking was founded in late 2010 by Krisitan Schmidt (DJ K.O.S) and Florian Goettler and raised up with the support of Alexander Rapp (DJ Alex R) to what Musikpropaganda Label & Booking is today. Musikpropaganda Label & Booking had its origin 2007/2008 in a group of djs who united in order to support themselves. Today Musikpropaganda Label & Booking is a booking agency and a label. The last members from the dj group of origin specialised themselves to organize and manage events and its artists, release and produce new tracks and to support newcommers of the electronic music scene, so they founded 2010 Musikpropaganda Label & Booking. In Addition to our experienced resident dj acts who already can show numerous references and already played together with celebreties such as Tomcraft, pfirter (clr), alex bau (CLR), and DJ Ocram offers Musikpropaganda Label & Booking party series such as "Amplified Satisfaction", "The Project" or "I'm Techno And You're Not!" together with prestigious main acts. End of 2011 Musikpropaganda Label starts its own Radio Show called "Electronic Music Experience" on Free FM 102.6 hosted and managed by Alex R.