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music, women, money



Music, Women, Money represents the London based independent music label founded in 2011 and run by Ignacio Sietetrece.

Hailing from Cordoba, Argentina, Ignacio is a Dj/Producer who started his career in electronic music by promoting and organizing underground quality parties in his born city, wich due to the quick success they had leaded him to create his own Collective, 713, and to work with top Argentinian Promoters, Clubs, Djs and Record Labels like Cocoliche ( Buenos Aires ), Buenas Noches Producciones ( Cordoba ) and Zizek Records ( Buenos Aires ).

By the end of 2011 he moves his residence to Europe where he creates his own Record Label ,Music, Women, Money Records, whos first release is produced by him and his studio/record partner Lucianno Villarreal. Traxx Ep was edited in vinyl and included remixes from the prestigious techno producer Someone Else and May Segui.

2012 starts with him releasing an Ep in Philadelphias record label Unfoundsound Records, a Label that has released artists like Butane, Agnes, Easy Changes and Ben Paris among others.

At the same time hes got a track included in compilation by the Stu