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M_Rec Ltd is born from years of experience in the world of Techno...

M_Rec's concept is simple and pure...the objective is to let people hear the sound of techno in all its shades through the work of international artist with historical experience in techno, all this without forgetting the origins and never like now has it been so important to get back to the roots...and only the ones who know them can transmit this concept.

The artist that will be on M_Rec Ltd other than Max_M, owner of the label, are artists such as jeroen search, paul mac, Chris Finke, bas mooy, Perc, A.Paul, Charlton Ravenberg, Counterpart, Coefficient and more...

The project is born to be a concept...from the mastering of Hardgroove Mastering (UK) to Triple Vision (NL) distribution.

Sublabel: M_REC

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