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Mothlab Recordings



MothLab is a production project developed into the electronic music and visual art sceneries, born to expand the different strengths of its co-founders and partners. A collective of Producers, Musicians, DJs, Video Editors, VJs, Sound Engineers and Web Designers decided to collaborate globally between Italy and New York working on a unique purpose: the mixed-media arts process.
For this reason it can be considered an Italian/American audio/visual growth plan.MothLab means electronic music, event productions, live djsets, live vjing and live performances of electronica bands, real time videos, compositing, mapping, audio/visual installations, graphic and visual design, video editing, post production and promotion.
MothLab Recordings is the soul of MothLab?s contemporary project, a digital label based on electronica and dance music, spreading an interconnection between the European background of Techno sounds and new creations from the worldwide underground music industry.
The first steps were involving an Italian reality made of twenty years of experience with MothLab main founder, Luca Bernabei; DJ, Producer, Party Organizer, Sound Engineer.
Luca is a seasoned Minimal Techno/Tech-House composer, getting Avid Pro-Tools and Ableton certifications by Percorsi Audio, the first Apple, Ableton and Avid certified training center in Italy, which is a technical MothLab partner. The collaboration of MothLab Recordings' artists are: Onirika (MothLab Gang) considered to be one of the most talented female DJs in Italy, she started as a producer with the first Italian Progressive-House compilation, ?Club Revolution?. Bryant Autrey, (NYC) is a Techno producer with a few selections that have already been recognized by a wide international audience. MAKr, (NYC) is a 4 element band, fusing live instrumentation with electronic technique.
Their sound ranges from Downtempo Dub to danceable club grooves, Damaged Man (ITA) inspired from a deep dark background.