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more music



More Music represents the London based music label launched in 2009.

More Music is a joint collaboration between Ralph Moore, Editor at large of Mix Mag and London Music company This Is Music LTD. Predominantly a digital House and Techno label with the odd vinyl pressing for special occasions.

In a world where anyone can produce a dance track from the comfort of their bedroom, we have to wade through droves of crap to find the stuff thats honest, well planned and of a high quality in both writing and production ability.

Ralph Moore is a man who knows about spotting talent and also nurturing it; he also knows his way around a quality tune, after spending considerable time filling the role of editor at Mixmag and previously, at Muzik.
For Ralph, his championing of new music and talent has taken form in a new lease of life, that of More Music, a record label dedicated to releasing quality, exclusive music from some of the largest names in house and