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Moonshine Music was an electronic music record label founded by Steve Levy in Los Angeles in 1992, and later headquartered in West Hollywood, California.

Moonshine released over 250 compilations albums, many of which were DJ mixed. Moonshine helped to launch the career of DJ Keoki and his side-kick producer Dave Audé. By publishing the work of British audiovisual artists Addictive TV, Moonshine became one of the first US dance labels to release a DVD.

Among the Moonshine's other artists are NTC feat. Julie Harrington, Robert Illes, Gary Butcher, D:Fuse, DJ Micro, AK1200, DJ Baby Anne, DJ Dara, Freaky Flow, Cirrus, Anabolic Frolic, Ferry Corsten, and Screaming Leads.

In 2000, Donald Glaude recorded a live set at Washington, DC's club night Buzz that was released as "Mixed Live: Buzz @ Nation" on Moonshine Music on June 26, 2001.

Moonshine Music, Moonshine Records, and Moonshine Media dissolved in 2007.

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