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moods & grooves



Moods & Grooves represent the Detroit based visionary label. Mike Grant assembled Moods & Grooves Records in 1999. Its agenda includes presenting distinctive music for listening and dancing pleasure. Moods for the soul: sophistication, deepness and emotional expression. Grooves for the body: rhythms that massage one into movement with force and subtlety.

At the end of the 1990ís, Mike Grant re-emerged as one of the leading figures in Detroitís growing house scene after spending the majority of the
decade and late 80ís pursuing other ambitions. When Grantís fresh Moods & Grooves label began raising more than a few eyebrows with its catalogue of releases by many of Detroitís best house producers, few knew that he has been a key figure in the Motor Cityís early to mid-80ís electronic dance scene as a talented DJ. Grant is one of the few Detroit DJs who plays complete Deep House/House and Techno sets as well as a mixture.

Rather than just DJing and producing tracks, he went to the lengths of starting his own label Moods & Grooves and began releasing the work of his peers as well as his own. By mid-2000 the label had received substantial acclaim Ė including a high-profile appearance by Grant at the landmark Detroit Electronic Music Festival. In 2001 Grant launched the techno based label End to End and urban sounding Afrosyntrix. Recent accomplishments include remixing the Detroit classic "Sharevari", being selected to perform at Midemís Electronic Showcase, selection and participation in DEMF/Movement and inclusion to the "Techno Ė Detroitís Gift To the World" exhibit at the Detroit Historical Museum.

Since its inception, Moods & Grooves has been the most consistent Detroit label, continuing the musical legacy while forging new links with producers and listeners around the globe.

Moods & Grooves consistently puts out quality music that fits its ideological goals. The caliber of these releases promises to cement Moods & Grooves reputation and carry it to new levels of respectability and popularity. This long-term planning and dedication to quality has resulted in an ever-growing interest in the label.

And so it ends wherever there is a listener. Whether you are in Anchorage or Zimbabwe, we will we find you.

Sublabels: Afrosyntrix, End to End.

Moods & Grooves's artists roster includes a variety of acts such as: Alton Miller, Mike Grant, Brian Harden, Rick Wade, Moodymann, G Flame & Mr. G, Brett Dancer, Da Sampla, John Tejada & Arian Leviste, Theo Parrish, Demarkus Lewis, Andrés, Black Art, Drivetrain, Mr. G, Black Music, Abicah Soul, Glenn Underground, Gene Hunt, Moon Man, Cool Peepl, Pirahna Head, André Lodemann, John Consemulder, Lex Empress, Brad Peterson, Diviniti, Ewan Jansen, A Squared, Pinky 2 Dye 4, Jeff Pilon, Digital Funk Addicts, Gary Martin, Kyle Hall, and more to come.