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Moleskine Music



Moleskine Music represents the Minimal techno label based in Medellin, Colombia, founded by Daniel Restrepo and Juan Ocampo aka Dual Voice in early 2011.

The duo comes from the need to want to expand more our knowledge and let us know more thoroughly in the city .. Always with our style atmophere minimalistic sounds, voices strong so taking a series of euphoria which is reflected in his DJ sets and live Mix. At the moment only have released a prestigious label from italy [DIVIDED REC] devoted entirely to the label "Moleskine Music, "which bodes well for the year 2011.

Their first release came from Various Artists with the TBA album. After several digital references and with great effort, we are pleased to present our first release on vinyl. TBA is the title of this release that holds the participation of Eiht, Hanchi, Scalameriya and Astronomical Telegram.

The Colombian label Moleskine Music expects continue to strengthen vinyl limited edits.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.