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Mokum is a Dutch Hardcore label founded in 1993 by Freddy B (3) (Fred Berkhout) as humorous response to Rotterdam Records. (Mokum is the Yiddish word for Amsterdam.) Mokum was a sister label to Go Bang! Records and ESP Records.

The label was active until late 1998 around which time its then parent label Roadrunner Records decided to forego vinyl completely. Its vinyl department cost more than it yielded.

The label started out under the wing of Boudisque Records and later changed hands to the Dutch division of American rock company Roadrunner Records. From that moment on the catalog numbers also reflect the 'DB' catalog extension. DB stood for Deep Blue, which was the shared name for all of Roadrunner's vinyl releases.

In 2004 with Hardcore back on the rise again Freddy B decided to start Mokum back up; this time as an independent label. A&R duties are handled by him and François Prijt aka Chosen Few (one of the main artists on Mokum). The new releases start at catalog number 100. (92, 93, 94 and 96 were never made).

Mokum is noted for adopting anti-Fascist statements or notices on its record sleeves in response to Neo-Nazi activity on the early Dutch rave scene. All Mokum Releases carried the Slogan "UNITED GABBERS AGAINST RACISM & FASCISM".

The record company is named after Mokum which is the Yiddish name for the center borough of Amsterdam and was originally used by the Jewish community and was later added to the local Amsterdam dialect.

As well as this success they are also renowned for their series of compilation albums called "Fucking Hardcore" which had a good run finishing with "Fucking Hardcore No. 8". The label was home to many successful producers and DJ's such as Chosen Few, Flamman & Abraxas, Tellurian, Speedfreak, DJ Dano, Scott Brown and Liza N Eliaz.