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Modular Cowboy Germany



Modular Cowboy represents the Colorado, USA based independent music label launched fresh in 2012.

MODULAR COWBOY, the US-based electronic music label started by Jay Ahern in 2012, focuses on deep club tracks, live improvisational works and music apps that share the labels creative vision of performance based sound design and strong visual aesthetics with the end-user.

Modular Cowboy also maintains strong ties to the electronic music scene in Berlin, as Ahern is a transplant from that city.

The label is an exclusive outlet for Ahern to release his collaborations with artists such as Morgan Packard and commission remixes from inspirational Berlin-based producers such as Berghain resident DJ Norman Nodge and exciting new talent such as Jonsson/Alter.

In addition to traditional releases, Modular Cowboy will also release sample packs and other tools for DJs and producers.

In addition to the pure physicality of great sound and how it inspires movement, Im also interested in the materiality of performance itself particularly with the return of tactile relationships between artists and their tools, says Modular Cowboys Jay Ahern, Listeners have also traditionally engaged tactilely with music, enjoying an albums artwork for example, and now, through smartphones and iPads, they can interact on a whole new level of sensory experience by actively creating music through innovative new apps, such as Morgan Packards MESA SEQUENCER.
The labels strong visual aesthetic is courtesy of designer Maike Verloh.

This is dance music that reverberates with the past, the present AND future while celebrating collaboration, performance and a physical relationship with sound.

Berlin-based Hard Wax, one of the worlds most cutting-edge electronic music retailers and arguably ground zero for Chicago house, Detroit techno and dub techno music in Europe, is the exclusive distributor for Modular Cowboy vinyl and digital releases. To learn more about Hard Wax please visit hardwax.com.

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