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Moan Recordings



Moan Recordings represent the Italian House/Tech House/Techno label based in Naples, founded in 2011 by Clausen and Kaschant, helped by the well known producer Sasha Carassi.

Moan is focused on House and Tech House, with Funky, Minimal, and Techno influences. Moan is earning the right respect from the whole dance scene, already supported and played by big artists and djs. It's tasteful music made for maximum enjoyment on the dancefloor by some of the most interesting artists of the underground scene.

All the projects brings different artists together to get a creative music style, a new musical concept, inspiration, emotions, feelings and high quality dance tunes, in one word : MOAN.

Since its inception, Moan Recordings has developed an impressive back catalogue containing releases from various artists such as: Aldo Cadiz, Larry Peters, Carlo Caldareri, Macronism, Danny Serrano, Jose M, Leon, Isaac Silva, Loquace & Artslabes, Hollen, Simone Burrini, Kaschant, Collective Machine, Alex Piccini, amongst many others.

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