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MN2S is one of the most established and respected brands in dance music worldwide. Founded fifteen years ago, MN2S is renowned for its quality output in music and talent as a record label, music artist agency, and in events promotion. Testament to its premier positioning, the MN2S artist roster reads like a 'whos who' of dance music over the last 25 years.

The MN2S label group comprises of eight labels MN2S, Decode, 1TRAX, Full Intention Records, Blackwiz, Restless Soul, and Tonality. Featuring recent productions from the likes of Sandy Rivera, Full Intention, Robert Owens, Michelle Weeks, Kathy Brown, Ron Carroll and many more; MN2S is leading the way with a heightened production schedule of over a hundred releases a year, and a string of top productions and collaborations penned for release throughout 2010.

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