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Müller Records represents the Berlin based techno & electro label, run by Frank Müller and launched in 1996.

Frank Mülller is the the driving Force behind Mad Musician , Acid Orange, Muller Records and Beroshima.

Beroshima started with an acid flavoured electronic sound and has constantly evolved as one of the finest acts in live techno.

The label mueller records was founded in 1996 providing a consistent platform for quality electronic dance music. An additional imprint called Mad Musician followed in 2012.

Müller Records has developed in the last decade an impressive back catalogue with over 100 releases coming up from big acts like Baroshima, Hawkinson, DJ Tasaka, Takku Ishino, Electric Rescue, Claude Young, Korsakov, Air Liquide, John Selway, Yuri Suzuki, Captain Comatose, Tina 303, Toktok, amongst several others.