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Mixworks represents the vinyl & digital music label distributed by Diamonds and Pearls as well as a booking agency. Mixworks was founded by Buzz Goree in Detroit in 2002, but moved to Berlin in 2005.

Focusing on promoting quality electronic music and events in Detroit, and around the world. Mixworks' objective is to showcase and represent artists and Djs and providing the electronic music community with quality art and music . Mixworks represents artists and Djs from Europe as well as the United States by promoting and coordinating their tours.

In order to understand the history of techno, you have to know Detroit and the DJ's that have come from there who brought this sound to the world. Buzz Goree is such a dj. One of the original Underground Resistance members, he can trace his roots in music back to the early days of the emerging Detroit techno Now based in Berlin and touring extensively in Europe, hes an efficient predator unit: one of underground resistance`s assault djs.

Taking advantage of the Detroit-Berlin connection, Goree maintains households in both cities, keeping him in the vein of things. He is to this day a member of Underground Resistance and does events in his home town such as the Jive Turkey series over Thanksgiving.

While he is running URs World Power Alliance sublabel, it is temporarily deactivated to make time for Gorees own project, the Detroit Techno-rooted imprint MIXWORKS . With this label,he's developing new young artists from around the world . It is important for Buzz to discover and foster new talent.

Mixworks is not designed for a certain genre of music. We make music that comes out of us, explains Buzz. We can look forward to the Mixsource EP, produced by, simply, Mixworks. Yet Mixworks is more than just a label. It is also a booking agency, among other tasks Goree has taken on. Buzz Goree is a veteran on the road, having toured numerous times with such luminaries as Scan 7, Juan Atkins, A Guy Called Gerald and Suburban Knight.

If you are looking for the inner city Detroit sound without all the intellectual bullshit, if you are looking for a small, sweaty venue with a DJ who satisfies the dancers, then go with the bang factor that comes standard with the original intimidator, Buzz "Bangin" Goree. This guy is one of the most respected DJs and producers, as well as one of Detroit`s most sought after artists today. If you want the true UR experience, Buzz Goree will take you there!

The Berlin based label Mixworks is continuing to release great underground music for underground dance floors and is representing artists like A Guy Called Gerald, Lia Organa, Alexi Picone, Andre Bacon,Aux 88,Big Dash,Daytona Team, DJ Minx,Dj Say, Farley Jack Master Funf, Juan Atkins,Buzz Goree, Kay Sand, Leo Anibaldi,Orlando Voorn,Scan 7, The Advent, Tim Baker, amongst many others.