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minimum syndicat



Minimum Syndicat represents the French early Acid House/Techno/Rave label, headed by the eponymous underground DJ & producer collective Minimum Syndicat.

The syndicate was born to help bringing back the fierce euphoria/weird energy of no-nonsense rave music.

It began with underground parties at sweaty places in and around Paris, spinning quality acid and hedonistic old school techno, while over-marketed haircut music were everywhere. Something special happened, forgotten energies were being awakened.

So they felt it was time to bring back those vibes on wax without making compromises.

Minimum Syndicat operates with a mix of rough electro, vicious acid and euro-techno bombast of the early 90s.

It is pure contextual dance music for warehouses drowned in strobe lights, artificial fog and a green laser moving into darkness.

The French label, Minimum Syndicat includes in its back catalogue also some collaborations with acts like: Automat, Umwelt, Jim Bones, Shadow Runner, Sandro Galli, Ege Bam Yasi, amongst several others.

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