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Minimood represents the independent music label founded by Valentiono De Bronff and his friend, Volt.Mar. Minimood has been around since c.2007 and is one of the very few, new generation house labels to put out their releases almost exclusively on vinyl.

The two DJs have been advocating vinyl for nearly 10 years. They started off with a few techno parties in London spinning vinyl-only sets. Then, after launching Minimood Records in 2007, the pair played regular gigs in Berlin, Switzerland and Tokyo. The Austrian-born De Bronff now calls Hong Kong home and has been spinning occasional gigs at Midnight (and its former incarnation Yumla). But he hopes to eventually turn the new night into a bimonthly regular as part of a mission to show the city why vinylís unique characteristics should be better appreciated.

Minimood believes in minimal electronic music as an art form and envisions the creation of an innovative and paradigmatic-free platform. Not just another minimal label, the emphasis lies on the evolutionary aspect to unveil new drifts and non-conventional paths for the now rather established minimalism movement.

Minimood has been releasing its own twist of cutting-edge deep house, techno and minimal, while recently having turned more towards the deeper side of techno.

The label's passion for vinyl is underlined by releasing the subproject Minimood Extra on vinyl only from catalogue number 006 onwards. Tracks on Minimood and Minimood Extra have been constantly played, supported and charted by numerous djs worldwide. Besides, various license request have been obtained since the label's inception in 2007 with the legendary "Green Chocolate EP" by Fusiphorm.

Germanyís Minimood has had a knack of picking up some pretty exceptional music, since itís inception six years ago, with records from the likes of Rick Wade, Mark Henning and Gregorythme helping mould the labelís reputation.

The legendary Minimood imprint contains in its back catalogue releases from acts such as Fusiphorm, So Inagawa, Liviu Groza, Shu Okuyama, Gregorythme, Sakrai, amongst many others.

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