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Mindtrick Records is an experimental electronic music independent record label, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Mindtrick Records was founded in September of 2007 by Guido (Atiq) v.d Brink.

Mindtrick Records releases various styles of Electronic music on 12" and CD. And since the beginning of 2011 also in a digital form. The focus of the label lays on the experiment blending Classical and Spherical music with Breakbeats and Heavy Basses.

This is what the label has to say:

We are a manifestation of alternative electronic dance music, emerging from the bottom of the foodchain and venturing in the broad daylight to spread our beliefs on intensity and drama in altered rythms, howling basses and haunting melodies. Not too happy with the boundries created by genres and styles, we prefer the abstraction of music in atmosphere and emotion, be it with tsunamis of distortion, rumbling dubbasses, screeching synthtweaking, as long as there is a soul residing in THE SOUND, we will worship it and build altars in its honor.

Therefore, to chuck Mindtrick Records in a box would require dedication to the represented artists, because we believe true music is not defined by THE REST of the pack in its genre. Artists make the music, we make the records, you make the dancefloor into Primum Mobile.

Mindtrick Records celebrates their 7th ANNIVERSARY this year. Over these 7 years Mindtrick have now released over 20 titles varying from jungle too soundtracks and everything in between. This may sound like a weird combination for one label to do but its the vibe and atmosphere that creates the overall Mindtrick sound.

So if you are looking for interesting and forward thinking music Mindtrick Records is a good place TO START your adventure.