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Mindtours is a record label and musicians collective specialising in deep, soulful, funky, hypnotic and experimental electronic music based in Wales UK.

Mindtours the label was originally conceived in 2000 with the object of releasing quality electronic music, with most of the early releases falling into the deep techno category. The label has since evolved to cover much wider territory with the introduction of new artists, and is now a thriving non-profit making collective of musicians and artists.

The labels music philospophy, while broad and diffused in generic terms, enveloping deep techno, minimal house, broken beat, jazz, dub etc. is however driven by a desire to send out a signal of harmony, co-creation and peace to the world. The Mindtours team hopes that their music and art convey this message, as they firmly believe that dance music is a powerful uniting force for mankind.

Mindtours has built a firm reputation for hosting quality events in Wales, including the Freerotation Festival which was voted number 1 in the August RA festivals chart for three years running.

Releases were put on hold while we developed Freerotation, but since 2012 they have been releasing vinyl again.

Many upcoming artists have had their first releases on Mindtours, including Leif and Tom Ellis, and they pride themselves on helping new fresh talent to get a start in music.

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