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Mind Ability Records



Mind Ability is a state of mind and the extent to which it can exercise its full potential. Our aim is to create a new refreshing sound, utilizing experimental beats, eclectic vocals, and charismatic feeling drawn from different parts of the globe.
We aim to provide an experience which allows individuals to open up their minds to a world of musical possibility by invigorating ones senses with flavours of sounds yet to be savoured.
Mind Ability is a break away Record label created by Codekontrol artistically directed by Richie Lopes, with the sole purpose of expanding our mind and our already enriched musical talent.
Our aim is to showcase a host of upcoming artists involved in the minimal scene, along with the familiar sounds of established artists you all know and love.
We strive to provide maximum listening satisfaction through cutting edge music bringing people together from all corners of the electronic world.
Music is food for the soul there are no blues that it can't chase away, so with that in mind and our growing hunger let the music play.

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VÖ-Datum: 28.02.2018
Label: mind ability records

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