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micro fibres



Micro-Fibres represents the French music label launched in 2007 as a sublabel of FreakíNíChic, the House imprint run by Dan Ghenacia & David Duriez.

Freak n'Chic music is deep, groovy, minimalist but funky, always is common with what we love at this moment so no problem to change the style if we feel it's the moment to do it. I think the idea of Fn'C is to bring the deepness to the clubs without forgetting the energy of the dance floor. We also try not to copy the other producers and day by day we find our way...No one is signed as exclusive to Freak n'Chic, everybody is free - I am free and want the others to feel free" . Ė Dan Ghenacia.

FreakíNíChic label is proud to launch Micro-fibres.Dan Ghenacia alongside Marc Antona introduces a tech oriented sub-label. Spirit remains the same: upfront! music is moving to more toughness... to clubbing!

*** To see all releases from this imprint, as well as other infos, please search for the label called ĎíMicro-Fibresíí.