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Founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1993, Metropolis Records has developed a strong reputation over the years as a leader in various genres of underground music. Though widely known for electro-industrial,synthpop, future pop, darkwave, and gothic music, the label has always operated with a bent towards all genres of dark alternative music, be it electronics-based or post-punk.

In 1993, Dave Heckman formed Metropolis Records, and started the process of building a roster and partnerships with bands and labels overseas. The label’s first releases were issued in May 1994. These albums were “Teignmouth” and “Mental Traveller” by Love is Colder Than Death, “Revelations 23” by Mentallo and the Fixer, and “Bioculture” by Electro Assassin.

A huge step forward for the label came in 1995, when Metropolis landed its first flagship band, as legendary industrial act Front Line Assembly joined the roster. With this signing, paired with the label’s reputation for fair treatment of its artists, Metropolis began to rapidly expand. Another major factor that lent itself to this growth was a distribution deal with Caroline Distribution, which made it possible t