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Metronom DeLuxe




What gets you hooked on a club and makes you wanna go back, over and over again? Why do certain tracks give you goose bumps and just make you feel happy all over? The melodies, simple sound sequences, is what makes itís way into your brain and brings on the happiness. Standing still, not moving a foot, is impossible when you hear and feel the sound of hard and driving beats. The song gets under your skin, takes over your soul (if only for a while) and makes you dance. Youíre happy, and you know: This is THE finest Bigroom- und Electro-House.

For this exact reason, Matthias Portmann, head of Portmann & Addario, founded the label Metronom DeLuxe in the year 2012. A label whose main goal is to promote artists and producers who make House-Music which does just that: it gets under your skin and makes you shiver, itís so good. Nothing more, nothing less. The mission is crystal-clear, really: Creating Bigroom- and Electro-House that makes you dance and fly at the same time. Simply put: Thatís Metronom DeLuxe Records...

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