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Metroline Limited is a record label that's been going from 2007. Label's operations are run between London and Rome. The british imprint release underground club music, techy and jacking house and techno mainly.

Metroline Limited also has a sister label, Retrometro records which output is more dark, heavy and experimental.

Metroline mainly releases underground club music, techy and jacking house, and techno. Their first release in 2007, Audio Dependent Digital EP, caused a stir in the dance music world straight away and was supported by DJís such as Andrew Weatherall and M.A.N.D.Y. amongst others.

The first string of Metroline releases focused on the dark and minimal side of techno, and saw talented producers like Mike Wall, Diego Capri & Andrea Gentile with remixers such as Agaric and Skoozbot getting onboard. Later Metroline started exploring the housier side of club music and discovered the talents of Rio Padice, Solead, and Doubtingthomas.

2010 was a big year for Metroline. Between August and October the release of Clioís For Sure Baby, Soleadís Wander E, and Elonís Clap Back, helped the label obtain another level of respect within club culture.

2011 and 2012 have been steady years full of strong releases by Maurizio Vitiello, Snilloc, Martin Eyerer and Clio. All helping the label stay strong in to its audience, and at the same time label owners Phiorio and Octad have launched Metrolineís techno sublabel: Retrometro.

Now people were talking about the label, top DJís were playing Metroline tracks and the records kept being featured in the vinyl and digital charts. This year 2013 is set to be a busy year for both labels with already some super hot releases lined up from Elon, Arnaud Le Texier, Octad, Phiorio, Martin Eyerer & Tim Xavier and many more!

Metroline Limited contains an incredible artists roster which includes acts such as: Samuel Dan, Maurizio Vitiello, Audio Dependent, Minimal Cadets, Max Fader, Mike Wall, Suokas, Room 10, Rio Padice, Dani Casarano, Doubtingthomas, Darlyn Vlys, Solead, SeHou, Fog, Snilloc, CrossNineTroll, Martin Eyerer, Afam Curtain, Octad, amongst many others.