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Metatron is an agency with offices in Milan and Turin, which deals with everything that orbits the planet MUSIC.

Among us there are musicians, designers, programmers, managers and journalists, all with the same innate passion for music. We are the ones who could not sit still in the classroom, the ones that when you propose an idea I have in mind a thousand already. We love the work we do, and we do respect the sacredness of art and creativity in all its forms.

Metatron is both a creative workshop and a solid professional proposal, a team that works, a family that chose its members one by one.

Metatron includes in its back catalogue releases from acts like: Linea77, Velvet, Dj Aladyn, Mr. T-Bone & The Young Lions, Il Disordine Delle Cose, Sepenti, Reset!, Gnut, AntiAnti, The Cyborgs, Bianco, I Treni AllAlba, Ila Rosso, I Monaci Del Stuff, Titor, amongst several others.