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Melodica represents the Italian label founded by Diego Abaribi.

Melodica, born in 2001, started as dance label for BMG Italy and after one year became completely independent releasing its own productions.

Diego Abaribi, president and owner of the company, thanks to his experience as a DJ and also as producer, remixer and A&R for Time Records, has been able to create a very competitive company not only for the Italian market, but also internationally, anticipating many musical trends.

Among the bestselling projects that gained the best results: Eddy Wata, Plummet (top10 in uk), the well-known and evergreen house hit “San Salvador” by Moonlight and the most recent ones: Get-Far feat Sagi Rei “Shining Star”, The Cube Guys “Baba O’ Riley”, the hugely acclaimed global ‘anthem’ by Outwork feat Mr Gee “Elektro”, the albums by Sagi Rei released together with DIY “Emotional Songs” (vol 1-2), “Trilogy” and many more.

Melodica has also been the first one to sign the exclusive rights to produce, release and develop the PACHA compilation brand in Italy getting very good feedbacks since the very beginning.

Increasing its potential year after year with every new release and constantly gaining support and attention from the international DJ and Club community, Melodica started its own booking and management department for its roster now including the likes of: Dab, Get Far, Staves, Bendj, Marco Carpentieri, Molla & Marquis, Sushy, and many more.

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