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Melee Records represents the independent London based music label launched in 2011 and run by Friske.

Melee aims to provide a resurgence of raw drum & bass with a no compromise approach to quality and trends. In case some of you may not know, the word "melee" is a french wording meaning riot, battle, scuffle. The team decided on that name because it represents their battle, as they are battling to keep a certain sound alive amongst a new skool wave of wobble and such. This label is meant for the true heads who love breakbeats, samples and attitude and the true sound of drum and bass. The team plans to spreadthe sound far and wide to reignite the flame for people who fell out of love with the music, because of certain directions it has gone in.

Having made his name with his debut release Troublesome on Renegade Hardware in 2005, Friske is now ready to launch his own imprint Melee. First up is a four track EP entitled Sounds of Melee that hits the streets on October 3 2011. So far it has received a lot of support from the likes of Loxy on a recent Metalheadz podcast, DJ Flight on Rinse FM, Foreign Concept on the Shogun Audio show on Ministry of Sound Radio, and also Ink, Spirit, Hive, Outrage, Raiden, Trace, Dylan, Gremlinz, Nymfo, and many more.

Melee was started as an outlet for Friske solo tracks and collabs, first and foremost, but also because he felt that there is a big gap in the market for the sound that he is pushing.

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