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MCMLXV Records represents the Manchester based independent music label launched in 2005 and run by J.S. Zeiter.

JS Zeiters quest for anonymity has proved so successful over the past seventeen years of dub techno releases that even now, in 2014 with the release of the fifth record on his MCMLXV label, there is still almost no information about the producer anywhere on the internet.

As such, we must approach the Strata 12″ on its own musical merits, and thankfully, its really quite good. Rolling, liquid grooves are the name of the game on the title track, where rippling chords are driven forward by a steady 4/4 pulse that ebbs and flows like a natural current. On the flip, Strata (abstracted) takes the regular kick drum out and suspends the musical elements in mid air for a totally different spin on the original.

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